C.P. Company Dyneema Metropolis Jacket

C.P. Company Unveils The Stronger-Than-Steel Dyneema Metropolis Jacket

Using a material that is considered the world’s strongest and lightest fabric, C.P. Company delivers with the Dyneema Metropolis Jacket.

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$ 2,498

What’s that thread hanging from the sleeve of your jacket? Don’t you hate when you discover a tear in your favorite coat? Well, that’s not going to happen with the C.P. Company Dyneema Metropolis Jacket. How do you know?  The secret is Dyneema, a fabric that is 15 times stronger than steel, that’s how. The heft of C.P. Company’s 40 plus years of experience in designing mens’ jackets is very apparent in the styling of the Dyneema Metropolis Jacket. It’s more than just a tough, durable jacket.  Not only is it lightweight, it’s also waterproof and quick-drying, so you’ll keep the wet and wind out while maintaining your heat.

The original Metropolis Jacket was first developed in 1998 and has only been getting better year after year. The Dyneema Metropolis Jacket features an built-in adjustable face mask and a full zip-up fastener and storm flap coverage. With an adjustable hood, high collar, and cuffs and you have a jacket that’s built to withstand whatever environment you might find yourself in.