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BST HyperTEK Electric Motorcycle

BST HyperTEK Electric Motorcycle

The limited edition electric motorcycle has a battery range of 186 miles thanks to a water-cooled motor and lightweight carbon fiber frame.

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The BST HyperTEK Electric Motorcycle combines the best in carbon fiber technology with features that will undoubtedly change the future of the industry. This all-electric bike is a limited edition with a carbon fiber frame. It sits atop a DHX Hawk water-cooled motor that delivers 107 hp and offers a battery range of up to 186 miles. There’s a built-in sound generator so the bike will idle once it’s started. Recharging takes just 30 minutes thanks to a super-fast DC/DC quick charger.

Outfitted with convenient features like Hill Stop and Cruise Control, the rider can also rev the motor when using the clutch. There’s no instrumentation located on the all-electric bike itself. Instead, it’s all integrated into the Heads Up Display (HUD) helmet designed by Cross so that information is always at the front and center of the rider’s purview.