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British Airways’ New First-Class Cabin

British Airways’ New First-Class Cabin

First-class cabins are no longer defined by plush leather seats or extended legroom alone. It must truly capture the essence of what it means to be in the top 1%, with service and amenities that match. But what is all that good for if the design of your surrounding doesn’t accommodate your lifestyle? Design just doesn’t end in purely aesthetic terms but it should extend to making every inch purposeful, and in this case that purpose is to pamper and cater to those that expect nothing but the best.

On the new British Airways flights heading to certain parts of the U.S., the airline debuts new first-class cabins and suits designed by Forpeople. Based on their extensive experience with high-end transportation and luxury design, the firm focused on refinement rather than being different for the sake of being different. That meant that robustness and build quality were at the forefront of their consideration. What better way to communicate luxury than with that intangible sense of craftsmanship.

Check out the gallery above to see the impressive results. We’d happily trade in our apartment for a space like that.