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Brandblack Men’s Milspec Basic Black

Brandblack Introduces Its Formidable Men’s Milspec Basic Black

The Milspec Basic Black shoe finds the sweet spot between rugged and cutting-edge.

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$ 248

Performance footwear and apparel label Brandblack has released their military-inspired Men’s Milspec Basic Black shoe. Like many of Brandblack’s athletic and streetwear silhouettes, the Milspec Basic Black are decidedly avant-garde. With its toggle lacing system, suede toe and eyerow, combined with the nylon instep strap for lockdown, this is a shoe that makes a decidedly strong statement. But it’s also practical, as evidenced by the addition of Vibram Lite-base Wraptech technology, which provides increased grip, traction and durability.

This lightweight shoe features a DWR coating for exceptional water repellency. It also has an interior sock knit, which keeps the foot comfortable and the shoe closed off so heat won’t escape and water won’t get in. Whether the Milspec Basic Black hits the city’s streets or the hiking trail, this is a shoe that will not only look great, but will provide a consistent, comfortable fit with every step.