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R nineT Scrambler

BMW R nineT Scrambler

BMW’s take on the classic scrambler goes more than skin deep.

Although modern scramblers have little in common with the old term that referred to off-road dirt bikes that had less than 650cc capacity, the minimalist approach to the modern scrambler, which originated to keep the weight down, still captures the style and feeling of old scramblers. It’s has become more of a stylistic definition these days, as most scramblers are less prone to go off-road, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no merit to its stylistic approach.
R nineT Scrambler is BMW’s take on the minimalist bike. It updates the BMW R nineT with a higher handlebar placement and repositioned seat for a confident and relaxed seating position for any rider. The 1200cc air-cooled flat-twin Boxer 4-stroke engine and the high-positioned dual silencer produces a powerful sound unique to the bike, giving its rider the aural pleasures only associated with two-wheeled motoring. It’s unique setup and dual sport tires also allow the Scrambler to keep riding where the pavement ends, staying true to the origins of the term, scrambler.