BlackTea Moped

This Modern Electric-Motorbike Is Designed To Look Like A Retro ‘70s Scrambler

A street legal retro-styled electric motorbike built to get you into two-wheel mobility.

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Here we have another electric moped looking to leave its mark in the growing market. Most of these battery-powered scooters and motorbikes have a hook to separate them from the pack. The BlackTea moped is no different offering retro-styling and optimal handling on both street and off-road. The BlackTea moped is built to be customizable while being low-maintenance to encourage individual two-wheeled mobility.

The steel tube chassis design was inspired by Scrambler motorcycles of the 1970s and is street-legal in the US and Europe. It features front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, indicator lights, mirrors, an LCD, and a horn to meet road safety standards. The BlackTea moped is powered by a 1.8 kWh removable battery with storage to carry a spare to extend the total range. The motorbike weighs 152 pounds and can seat two people. It delivers a top speed of 50 mph while using a max-power of 5 kW, and each battery offers a max range of 43 miles. The BlackTea moped is fitted with dual-sport tires to hand light off-road terrains like gravel and dirt roads. While technically a moped, it looks more like a vintage motorcycle and designed with easily interchangeable parts to allow buyers to personalize their electric BlackTea bike.