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Bentley 6-in-1 Baby Stroller

Luxury car-maker Bentley collaborates on a designer stroller for pampered tots.

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Fatherhood doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your own sense of debonair style. The Bentley 6-in-1 Baby Stroller elevates rolling to park play dates and Whole Foods shopping experiences to a sophisticated level.

Designed with Bentley to incorporate their world famous luxury features into a toddler sized tricycle, the stroller combines luxury with function. The wheels on the 6-in-1 stroller are made in the same exact way as the wheels of a Bentley Continental GT, in the same colors as the adult sized cars. The plush cross-stitched seat also matches the characteristic Bentley interior.

To accommodate babies and children from six months to five years, the stroller has different functions to grow with your pint-sized Richie Rich. Stage I accommodates for babies from six months to a year and a half with an adjustable back support in two different angles and an 180-degree rotating seat. A removable and adjustable parent push handle allows you maximum control over navigation. At Stage II, for children aged one and a half to two years, the footrests are removed and an extra large canopy can be rotated into different positions to keep your child safe from the elements. For children aged two to three years old, the parent handle, footrests, and safety guard are removed at Stage III so that your little one can steer themselves. At Stage IV, growing children can really relax with the removed back support, safety belt, and basket, converting it into a full tricycle.

Now only if Bentley made diapers…