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BEERMKR Craft Beer Brewing Machine

This automatic brewing machine lets you monitor and adjust each batch through an app.

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From the craft brew mecca of Boulder, Colorado comes an idea product for anyone who wants to brew their own beer but doesn’t want the hassle. Presenting BEERMKR: an easy-to-use automatic self-contained brewing machine that promises exceptional results.

Handling all stages of brewing and fermentation, BEERMKR can produce over a gallon of beer a week, all from a sleek and compact “all in one” unit that can fit on any kitchen countertop.

Use a new recyclable plastic pouch for every batch and create a perfectly sanitary environment for your home brew without the mess of disinfecting countess buckets, pots, tubes, and siphons. Throughout the entire beer-making process, you can monitor and adjust each batch using an integrated mobile app. Perhaps even better, when all the work it done, BEERMKR provides a dispenser with a built-in CO2 cartridge that fits conveniently in your refrigerator.