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Beats Solo Buds and Beats Solo 4 Headphones

Apple Announces Two New Offerings To Its Beats Line Of Headphones And Earbuds

The Beats Solo Buds and Solo 4 headphones are priced at $80 and $200, respectively.

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Dr. Dre entered the headphone market in 2006 with his business partner, Jimmy Iovine, creating a series of headphones that deliver premium audio entertainment in a stylish design. Apple acquired the Brand in 2014 and has continued to evolve, culminating in the new Beats Solo Buds and Beats Solo 4 Headphones.

The Beats Solo 4 headphones present an overhaul to previous models in various ways, from the completely rebalanced acoustics to the upgraded drivers for optimal performance. Featuring custom-built 40mm transducers that keep electronic artifacts, latency, and distortion to a minimum, they present a smooth frequency response to enhance your music.

This sense of dynamism and spatial clarity is enhanced by the Beats Solo 4’s built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers, designed to create an immersive experience that encompasses the listener. All of this is powered by a battery capable of up to fifty hours of life, combined with a Fast Fuel charging feature that offers up to five hours of playback from a ten-minute charge.

As stylish as they are powerful, the headphones offer premium comfort. They have an ergonomic design to ensure they fit snugly on the wearer’s head and weigh just 217 grams. For a more portable and discreet headphone, the new Beats Solo Buds deliver the same acoustic range and sound reproduction, with a range of listening modes optimizing them for situational awareness or noise-canceling.

Each earbud is powered by dual-layer transducers designed to minimize micro-distortions across the frequency curve and purposefully positioned parallel with each acoustic nozzle to deliver sound directly to your ears. The Beats Solo 4 Headphones are available now, and the Beats Solo Buds will be available in June.

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