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Beats Unveils Its New Fit Pro Buds

With the new wing-tip design, these earbuds will stay securely in the ear no matter what activity a person does.

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$ 200

Beats just debuted its latest offering with the release of the Beats Fit Pro, which promises to be the most advanced and innovative model of earbuds the brand has produced. Similar in design to the Studio Buds released earlier this year, Beats has added a wing that is very flexible so it can bend to fit a greater range of ear shapes for a more secure fit during workouts. They are, of course, wireless, water, and sweat-resistant, and have unparalleled sound quality, as well as a custom-developed acoustic platform, and an even longer battery life. These buds will last for a whopping 27 hours of continuous use — great news for anyone who doesn’t want to have to charge their earbuds every day.

The Beats Fit Pro come in four different color choices: Stone Purple, Sage Gray, Black, and White, along with a charging case. They have spatial audio, dynamic head tracking, and active noise cancellation, so the sound quality is pure without any distractions from ambient noise. The Beats Fit Pro is compatible with Apple and Android smartphone systems using Bluetooth technology for reliable connectivity.

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