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Beach Haven Residence by Specht Architects

The Beach Haven Residence by Specht Architects is a fresh, modern take on beachfront property along the Jersey Shore.

For anyone in need of a weekend getaway from the stresses of life, the unique and modern design of the Beach Haven Residence by Specht Architects may be exactly what you need. The New Jersey weekend home is located on New Jersey’s Atlantic Coast, providing a secluded and intimate 2,500 square feet of beachfront property.

The home was designed for a family of five, making it the perfect weekend getaway for the married man as well as a great weekend party spot for a bachelor and his friends at the Jersey Shore. The flexible nature of this weekend home is evident by both the upper level’s beachfront master suite and cabin rooms as well as the lower level’s guest room, lounge, elevated hot tub area and dining space.

The real brilliance of the home is not its many rooms and amenities, however. It is its one of a kind design caused by code-regulated square footage and height restrictions. These regulatory challenges caused Specht to rethink the design, focusing on an open and light-filled design that takes up every possible inch of the 2,500 square feet allowed by law.
The unique modern design is not just for looks, either, with the all fiberglass roof, stainless steel exterior and windows with the highest possible hurricane-rating combining to ensure the beach home is built to withstand all inclement weather.