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AVENSI Coffee Enhancing Glasses

AVENSI Coffee Enhancing Glasses

Each glass comes in three different styles — the Vida, Senti, or Alto; designed to accentuate the flavor profiles of specific roasts.

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What do coffee and whiskey have in common? Well, besides being a delicacy to connoisseurs of both drinks, the flavor of each is improved by Glencairn glass. The AVENSI Coffee Enhancing Glasses harness that power to bring out the most from your favorite brews. Utilizing dual-wall insulation, each glass creates a thermal barrier that keeps your coffee hot while the glass stays cool to the touch. Delicate contours allow the coffee to be swirled to release dormant aromatic qualities between sips.
Each 14 oz. glass comes in three different styles — the Vida, Senti, or Alto editions. The Vida is made for sweeter coffee roasts, bringing out their cocoa undertones. The wider bowl at the bottom of the Senti is made especially for medium roasts. Lastly, the Alto’s hourglass contours and flared rims are the perfect companion for light roasts to bring out their fruitier flavors. Whichever style you choose, there’s no doubt that you’ll be ditching your go-to mug for one of the glasses which have gained critical acclaim from coffee companies all over the world who know what it takes to get the most of our their arabica roasts.