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Audeze LCD-1

Audeze LCD-1

For audiophiles on the go, the Audeze LCD-1 offers reference quality sound in a package that weighs just 250 grams.

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$ 399

The perfect pair of headphones usually doesn’t come paired with your phone and tucked into a little cardboard box. It comes later, with specially designed tuners to offer exceptional sound unrivaled by common ear buds. Audeze is giving audiophiles on the go a new contender with the Audeze LCD-1, a top-tier headphone that is designed to give you an exceptional music listening experience. 

The Audeze LCD-1 is designed not only for the ultimate audiophile, but for professionals who need the cleanest sound for mastering and mixing. While other headphones are tuned to boost bass, these headphones let the purest sound flow through thanks to the enhanced transparency, sound stage and wide dynamic range.

The premium 3.5mm headphone jack is braided so it won’t become tangled in knots like most headphones that are carelessly thrown into the corners of your bag. It also has a quarter inch adapter for plugging into audio rigs. Plus, the memory foam and genuine lambskin leather feels like pillows around your ears, all in a compact package that weighs just 250 grams.