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Keramikus Ceramic Knife Set

Art. Lebedev Studio Keramikus Ceramic Knife Set

This masculine, yet low maintenance knife set is the perfect choice for any kitchen.

Any modern man should be able to handle the heat in the kitchen. However, resistance to high temperature isn’t the only requirement for a good chef; you also need a trusty set of knives. Most kitchen knives unfortunately require some maintenance, something most guys are less than eager to handle.

What you need is a set of knives that do not oxidize, rust, or disseminate bacteria, making it perfect for us lazy guys. The Keramikus Ceramic Knife Set by Art. Lebedev Studio is the perfect low maintenance knife set that also looks sharp (pardon the pun) and masculine, thanks to the black ceramic its made from. It comes in a set of three, with their own cheeky names; Vegetus for paring, Usubus for slicing and chopping, and Shefus, for the chef.