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Ardósia House by Architectare

Ardósia House: Where Modern Design Meets Nature In Itaipava

The house merges seamlessly with its surroundings, maintaining privacy while offering expansive views.

Nestled in the scenic terrain of Itaipava, Brazil, Ardósia House, designed by Architectare, redefines the concept of a summer house with its unique architectural approach and seamless integration into its natural surroundings. The residence is thoughtfully divided into social and private sectors, ensuring that leisure activities do not disturb the intimate areas of the home. 

This design philosophy is evident as visitors access the house from the ground level while residents enjoy privacy on the secluded lower floor, which is ingeniously built into the hillside to maximize privacy and effectively utilize the steep terrain.

The structure’s exterior is marked by slate plates that complement the lush landscape, while the interior offers a warm, inviting atmosphere with brick walls and pine wood finishes. The strategic use of pergolas and thoughtful landscaping brings the outdoors in, ensuring a fluid transition between the home’s expansive social spaces and the natural world outside. 

An infinity pool at the building’s edge enhances the views and cleverly doubles as a protective barrier without needing obtrusive guardrails. The residence’s V-shaped plan directs guests through a reflective pool by a gentle staircase, transforming into a bridge that leads to a robust social area, ready to welcome and entertain.

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