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AQUA Headphone Amplifier

AQUA Headphone Amplifier

World’s lightest micro-amp, also compatible with the upcoming headphone jack-less iPhone 7.

Although the iPhone ranks highest among smartphones on the market for its sound reproduction, it’s still no where near what audiophiles will deem acceptable. That’s not Apple’s fault by any means, but is an inherent trait for a device that’s limited to playing compressed music. However, we still listen to music on our iPhone, because it’s the simplest way to listen to the music we love every day.

AQUA Headphone Amplifier is the world’s lightest micro-amplifier that allows you to listen to studio-quality music anytime, anywhere. The built-in DAC will convert the compressed music on your phone into glorious 24-bit/192kHz so you can enjoy it the way it was intended. It’s also battery free and there’s no need to recharge either. With the upcoming iPhone 7 rumored to ditch the audio jack in favor of lightening cable earphones, the AQUA will even future-proof your current earphones.