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Apple MacBook Pro

Apple Releases A High-Powered New MacBook Pro

A processor with 80% faster graphics performance takes center stage on the Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch, made to get the most of macOS Catalina.

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Photography, coding, video edition, audio engineering, gaming – the new Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch can do it all. It starts at the core – with the availability of a 10th-generation quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, the latest incarnation of the MacBook Pro is capable of graphics performance that is 80% faster than previous versions. With a 4.5GHz Turbo Boost at its fingertips, the processor can tackle the most complex tasks, adding 50% faster performance to high definition gigapixel images in Adobe Photoshop. With 32GB of RAM available, that enhanced graphics performance benefits everything from photo and video editing to gameplay.

A blistering solid-state drive offers sequential read speeds of up to 3GB/s and 4TB of storage. Keeping whatever files you save secure is made easy by the Apple T2 Security Chip which automatically encrypts your data. The Magic Keyboard is revamped to help you keep up with that lightning-fast performance by providing more responsive and intuitive features from its Touch Bar and Touch ID to a refined scissor mechanism that facilitates the best typing experience to ever grace a MacBook.

Every bit of that computing power is illustrated by the brilliance of the MacBook Pro’s lurid Retina display and dynamic soundstage. A P3 wide color scale puts standard sRGB displays to shame by offering 25% more colors. Meanwhile, True Tone Technology ensures a natural viewing experience by utilizing white balance to adapt the color temperature of the screen’s 500 nits of brightness to the light of your environment. Audio playback is every bit on par with that visual performance as well. Wide stereo sound makes everything from music and movies to FaceTime audio have as much fidelity as a pair of AirPods

Other next-generation features including Thunderbolt 3 with ultra-bandwidth data transfers at 40GB/s, Sidecar that assimilates iPads as secondary displays, and everything macOS Catalina has to offer demonstrate the unprecedented computing experience that only the new Apple MacBook Pro can offer.