Apple MacBook Air

Apple Unveils An Enhanced MacBook Air

A 13-inch Retina display, longer battery life, 256GB of storage, and enhanced security features allow the latest MacBook Air to do it all.

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$ 899+

With a whole new wave of everything from the iPad and iPhone to the MacBook released in recent months, it was only a matter of time before the newest Apple MacBook Air hit the market. The newly unveiled lightweight laptop can be had at a lower price than its predecessors yet it offers faster performance and twice the storage at 256GB. Apple even offers students a $100 discount on its MSRP. CPU performance2 technology doubles computing speeds and enables an 80% increase to graphics response. This means that the new MacBook Air’s improved specs can be felt whether you’re working, gaming, or binge-watching your favorite series. 

A 13-inch Retina display captures the MacBook Air’s improved graphic performance with vivid imagery that is apparent on everything from video and images to text. The laptop also incorporates a Touch ID for secure log-ins and purchases, a larger trackpad, and masOS Catalina-powered battery life that is sure to last throughout the day. These features amount to a new MacBook Air that follows in the footsteps of Apple’s next generation of products which continue to break new ground time and time again with their innovations.