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Ancient Party Barn

Ancient Party Barn by Liddicoat & Goldhill

Barns can make for a great blank canvas for those seeking a spacious home with lots of character. It may take some careful design considerations to successfully repurpose these structures of agricultural origins, but once done well they can afford its residents great space, volume, and atmosphere.

Designed by Liddicoat & Goldhill for a designer couple, the Ancient Party Barn focuses on materiality and atmosphere that was influenced by the original barn, instead of going down the typical route of most barn conversions. Surrounded by natural beauty, the barn is used as a canvas to display the clients’ collection of reclaimed architectural artifacts. The barn is normally closed to emphasize its brooding presence but can be opened up to make the most of the views the countryside. In contrast to its characterful design, the house take advantage of many smart home technologies, with integrated heat, light, and security systems, merging the 18th century historic design with modern day conveniences. Check out the video below to see the house in action.