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Alauda Aeronautics Airspeeder MK4

Airspeeder MK4 Hydrogen-Powered Flying Race Car Makes Its Debut On March 7th

Are you ready for hydro-flying car racing?

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In 2024 we will be able to enjoy the spectacle of hydrogen-powered flying car racing. At least, that’s the intention of Alauda Aeronautics Airspeeder MK4. Based on appearance, the Airspeeder MK4 looks like an F1 race car with drone propellers instead of wheels because that’s what it wants to be – a flying race car.  According to Alauda Aeronautics, the Airspeeder MK4 will be the fastest electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing). Capable of delivering a top speed of 225 mph within 30 seconds from a standing start. Steering is controlled using a gimballed thrust system with artificial intelligence. Each of the four adjustable rotors is paired with a mounted 3D-printed gimbal. This system claims the MK4 will have the “handling qualities of a Formula 1 car or a fighter jet”.

The flying race car’s performance derives from its Thunderstrike Hydrogen Turbogenerator. This hydrogen-fueled generator produces 1,341 horsepower for the vehicle’s battery pack and electric motors. The projected range of the MK4 is over 188 miles between refueling stops. Moreover, its weight tips the scales at 2,094 pounds.

Alauda Aeronautics plans to publicly debut the Airspeeder MK4 on March 7 at the SOUTHSTART Innovation Festival in Australia. In addition, plans to test the chassis and powertrain with crewed flights scheduled to begin during the first quarter of 2023, leading up to the first race in the series in 2024.

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Alauda Aeronautics Airspeeder MK4

  • Max Power: 1,341 hp
  • Max Range: 188 miles (projected)
  • Weight: 2,094 lbs.
  • Top Speed: 225 mph