Adamantini Martini Glass

James Bond may not be bulletproof, but this stainless steel martini glass comes damn near close.

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Before Daniel Craig stepped into 007’s tuxeuedo, there were rumors circulating Hollywood that Hugh Jackman might play the British secret agent. Ultimately, it turned out to be just rumors, but if Jackman — most famous for playing the X-Men character Wolverine — had been chosen to play James Bond, he may have taken his martini in this, the Adamantini Martini Glass.

Much like Wolverine’s skeleton and claws that’s made from the fictional metal Adamantium, this martini glass is damn near indestructible. It’s machined from a solid 25 pound billet of stainless steel, built to withstand any abuse you can imagine putting it through. It weighs just over a pound and holds 8 oz. of your favorite poison or even dessert. Just make sure to wait a bit if the glass has ice on the outside, as your lips may unintentionally find itself adhering to the glass — very un-James Bond or Wolverine-like.