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This 4 wheel drive electric board will not only conquer hills, it will also conquer your morning commute.

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Commuters in most cities are faced to decide whether to choose the freedom of being in your own vehicle while stuck in insufferable traffic, or to utilize public transportation that you share with millions of other commuters. Some forms of personal transportation like e-bikes, scooters, and electric boards have alleviated the last mile dilemma most commuters using public transportation face, but it may still feel like a compromise for some.

The ACTON BLINK QU4TRO was designed to bridge the gap between a car and personal transportation. Think of it as a Tesla for one person that you can stand on that not only solves the last mile dilemma of using public transportation, but can also be the personal transportation device that covers all your miles. Its pièce de résistance is that you won’t have to ever kick or push, as the electric longboard will glide through the pavement with the power to even conquer hills thanks to its Hub Motor 4 Wheel Drive system. With a structure made from carbon and aluminum, the ACTON BLINK QU4TRO also offers great strength and portability as well. So forget your car, subway, or any personal transportation device out there, and say hello to the ACTON BLINK QU4TRO.