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Zootility WildCard

Zootility Tools WildCard

Credit card sized pocket knife that can fit in your wallet.

We love compact pocket tools that can seemingly do it all. It’s the convenience and utility that’s packed in a compact package that makes these tools so great.

Zootility Tools has increased the convenience factor by creating an even more compact pocket tool that can fit in your wallet. Their WildCard is an ultra-light weight knife made entirely from stainless steel. Weighing in at only 1.1 ounce and 2mm thin, the credit card-like tool also features a prybar, screwdriver, and bottle opener, making it the ultimate EDC tool. For those of you that are forgetful and take your EDC everywhere, including to the airport, you can quickly take off the removable blade before passing through security without the need to throw out the whole thing. Just replace the blade when you’re back home, and you are ready to go once again.