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ZAGG Desk Mat with wireless charging

ZAGG Desk Mat With Built-In Magnetic Charging Keeps Your Devices Powered Up

This innovative desk mat defines your workspace and enhances functionality thanks to its integrated 10W wireless charger.

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$ 50

Elevate your workspace with the ZAGG Desk Mat with Wireless Charging, a sleek and functional addition to any modern desk setup. Priced at just $50, this desk mat is designed to organize your workspace and enhance its functionality by integrating a powerful 10W wireless charger capable of powering up your phone, mouse, keyboard, and other compatible devices.

Crafted with a high-quality fabric top, the ZAGG Desk Mat offers a smooth surface that is ideal for your mouse and comfortable for daily use. Its thoughtful design includes specific grooves for securely holding a stylus or pen, ensuring these essential tools are always within reach and never roll away. Underneath, a non-slip bottom keeps the mat firmly in place, providing a stable base for all your work devices.

The standout feature of the ZAGG Desk Mat is its flat, seamlessly integrated 10W charging spot. This allows for efficient wireless charging that keeps your devices powered throughout the day without the clutter of extra cables. The mat has an integrated USB-C cable connecting directly to your power source, further reducing cable clutter and simplifying your charging setup.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your desk at the office or create a more organized workspace at home, the ZAGG Desk Mat with Wireless Charging is an excellent choice. It combines functionality, design, and tech-savvy features in one affordable package, making it a must-have for any tech enthusiast or professional on the go.

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