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Wiesmann Project Thunderball

Wiesmann Project Thunderball Is A 680-HP Electric Carbon Fiber Convertible

Retro styled carbon fiber bodywork with 808 lb.-ft of torque.

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Wiesmann is a German-based sports car company. Unfortunately, Wiesmann does not sell its vehicles in the United States, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting one. Especially now that Wiesmann has introduced a new electric model dubbed Project Thunderball. This retro-styled two-seater is powered by two electric motors and keeps its weight down with a carbon fiber body to deliver hair-raising performance.

The two electric motors are mounted at the rear and produce a combined 680-hp and 808 lb.-ft of torque. Powering the two motors is a 92-kWh battery pack using an 800-volt architecture. Wiesmann claims its Project Thunderball can sprint from zero to 60 mph in 2.9-seconds. Furthermore, the electric convertible offers a claimed battery range of “over” 310 miles, based on the WLTP cycle.

Electric vehicles are known for resting heavily on the weight scale. The Wiesmann Project Thunderball features an aluminum space frame and carbon-fiber bodywork to keep its weight under 3,750 pounds. In addition, the seats and handcrafted interior are also made from carbon fiber. Adjustable suspension and roll bars, disc brakes, and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires ensure Project Thunderball can turn as well as it accelerates. Wiesmann Project Thunderball shows us that even the niche car builders are jumping onto the battery-powered bandwagon.

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Wiesmann Project Thunderball

  • Max Power: 680-hp
  • Max Torque: 808 lb.-ft
  • Curb Weight: 3,747 lbs.
  • Battery Range: 310 Miles (Claimed)