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‘Where to Drink Coffee’ by Liz Clayton & Avidan Ross

The global guide to the best coffee around the world.

Whether first thing in the morning, in between meetings, or as an afternoon reward, the question we are perpetually asking ourselves is “where should we get coffee?”

We’ve discussed where to get pizza and the best cocktails, and with Phaidon’s new book Where To Drink Coffee, our souls become a little bit more at ease. Written by coffee connoisseurs Liz Clayton and Avidan Ross, this book is a global guide on where to get the best cup. Featuring 600 places in 50 countries, it was compiled from insider knowledge from 150 of the world’s best baristas and coffee experts who spilled their secrets on where they like to visit when enjoying their time off. Where To Drink Coffee showcases this journey through cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and even some avant-garde stops such as an auto body shop and a video store. Each hotspot is profiled along with key information, insightful and heartfelt reviews, specially created maps, and easy-to-navigate geographical orientation.

This is a book not only to keep on your coffee table, but also to keep handy when planning a trip or moving to a new neighborhood so that you can always find the best coffee around the world.