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WESN X P&CO The Slipjoint Microblade

WESN X P&CO The Slipjoint Microblade Collection

Complete with a D2 Steel blade, it weighs just 1.8 ounces and is an essential piece of everyday carry.

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The small but dedicated team of bladesmiths at WESN has been committed to producing reliable and practical knives from the best possible materials, designed to stand the test of time. Taking its name from the four points on a compass, WESN’s exceptional craftsmanship is reflected in its latest release, the WESN X P&CO Slipjoint Microblade Collection.

Joining forces with P&CO, WESN’s new knife has been designed to conform to the United Kingdom’s blade length limit while celebrating both brands’ unique heritage. It comes with a high-quality brass handle featuring the P&CO company logo on both the handle and the grade D2 steel blade. Compact in size, the WESN X P&CO Slipjoint Microblade measures just 2.3 inches when closed, opening up to 3.8 inches with the blade extended.

The first knife from WESN to be rated as UK street legal, it’s a testament to the extensive field-testing and design refinement the company is known for. This extends to its smooth and durable slip-joint mechanics and brass Lanyard bead for versatile use and storage. At the same time, P&CO’s forward-thinking approach to garment design is captured in the striking combination of brass, steel, and work rag.

In addition to the WESN X P&CO The Slipjoint Microblade, the collaboration also includes a selection of limited edition clothing, produced with the same aesthetic and manufacturing ethos. There’s a Bold As Brass T-shirt and durable sweatshirt, with a waxed cap wrapping up the collection in style.

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