Wayfinder Daybreaker Billfold

Wayfinder Daybreaker Billfold

Keep your wallet slim and organized, even when traveling the world.

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$ 59

For the world traveler, it’s difficult to keep your wallet thin and streamlined; you need multiple currencies, possibly multiple credit cards, and receipts (if you’re on a business trip). Instead of sifting through your wallet and constantly changing out items, the Wayfinder Daybreaker Billfold lets you maintain a sleek wallet. The wallet holds up to six cards at one time, plus multiple boarding passes and different sizes of currency — and keep them separately.

The Wayfinder Daybreaker Billfold measures 88mm x 113mm x 7mm when closed and weighs 36 grams. It’s waterproof and can be machine-washed in cold water. It won’t stretch, and the stitchless welded design adds to its durability.