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WearWorks Drops Its Navigation Device: The Wayband

A device to guide you to your destination, using only vibrations.

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$ 180

Navigate without staring at a mobile phone screen with the innovative new Wayband device by WearWorks. Perfect for adventurous applications and built with accessibility in mind, the new device uses innovative mapping technology to generate a tactile indication when veering off course. Users will love the ability to stay present while adventuring, opening a new world of opportunity using a simple Bluetooth connection and haptic notifications.

The Wayband relies on Bluetooth technology with a smartphone app to navigate to a pre-determined destination. Enter an exact address or count on the sourcing provided by What3Words to identify a location. Once a destination is determined, users can begin their trek. No vibrations mean the user is on track; a slight vibration indicates the user has stepped outside the corridor and is not on the correct route. Designed as a perfect way to avoid constantly staring at a navigational screen while walking and hiking, the Wayband also delivers the ideal solution for the visually impaired or hard of hearing.

Innovative features, like a 360 magnetic charging port, sweat-resistant wristband, and easily toggled on/off power button, make the Wayband easy to use. The battery has a 24-hour lifespan between charges, and the device is water-resistant. The Wayband will only work with iOS devices, but Android compatibility is expected in 2023. The new Wayband is currently available to reserve online and is priced at $180.

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