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Walli Smart Wallet

Walli Smart Wallet

Always losing your wallet? This connected smart wallet can help.

For those that are forgetful, losing their wallet can be a damaging experience. Keys can be replaced, and although expensive so can mobile phones, but when your most valuables are lost with your wallet, the hassle and worries can pile on.

Unlike some of the items that are becoming “smart” just for the sake of it, the Walli smart wallet is a truly unique and useful piece of kit that will make your life that much easier. The Walli connects to your phone via bluetooth and will let you know if it thinks that you have lost it. The smart wallet can also detect whether individual items are missing from its pockets, alerting you when it thinks you’ve misplaced your credit card or ID. For added security, the wallet is also RFID protected, protecting your credit cards from RFID skimming.

We don’t condone adding wifi, bluetooth, and random technology to everything and the kitchen sink, like so many products on crowdfunding sites these days. However, the Walli stands out as being a truly useful solution for a problem that most of us have dealt with, at least once in our life.