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ViDi Action Camera

ViDi Action Camera

Watch out GoPro, there’s a new kid in town at a quarter of the price.

With heavy hitters like Nikon out to dethrone GoPro as the default action camera, we have a new entry that is attempting to take a slice of the pie of the market. Dubbed the People’s Action Camera, the ViDi Action Camera’s strength is its $99 price point, only a quarter of what you would pay for a GoPro Hero.

The inexpensive price shouldn’t fool you though. If you thought that at quarter of the price you would get a quarter of the features, you’d be wrong. Featuring full 1080p HD, ultra wide-angle lens, and a waterproof case, the ViDi’s specs sound incredibly similar to that of the GoPro’s and has a similar form factor as well. Whether the lower price point will entice action cam users will be something we’ll have to see in time.