Verner Panton Relaxer One Chair

Indulge in comfort with this relaunched iconic rocking chair.

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If only we could afford to keep a masseuse on retainer for those extra tense days when we just need to relax. Instead of a costly staffing solution, the Verner Panton Relaxer One Chair may just provide the right amount of comfort for a zoning out session.

This elegant crescent moon shaped chair was originally designed by Verner Panton for Rosenthal Studio in 1974 for production in Germany. Produced in a limited run, the Relaxer chair quickly turned into a highly coveted piece of modern vintage, sought out by collectors around the world. Panton was well known for his versatility and vision, recognizing beauty and design everywhere, but especially in the interplay of colors and geometrical shapes. His overarching sense of space dictated many of his works, focusing not on the evolution of a piece but the revolution of the whole. He effortlessly translated a timeless yet brutally modern design into his work, recognizing the room and its furnishings as a single whole unit that can stimulate those that inhabit it.

In an update for 2017, the Verner Panton Estate and Matzform NORR11 partnered to relaunch Panton’s iconic chair. Styled in the same variation of the original chair with almost exact match colors and fabric, the piece comes in tufted black or stone wool placed on a natural black wood frame. For hours of blissed out chilling, the chair lightly rocks back and forth to stretch your back and free your mind.