Vagabund V12 BMW R100RT 1994

This Motorcycle Is Made With 3D-Printed Parts

Optimizing this BMW motorcycle was no easy task. Yet Vagabund was able to improve its performance while keeping it street legal.

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Completely street legal, the Vagabund V12 BMW R100RT 1994 features a barrel-chested custom tank that gives the bike hefty substance. Completely blacked-out to add to the stealthy look, it also has a modified black ceramic-coated exhaust system and silencer. A custom-made minimalistic leather seat sits just behind the beefy tank.

There are LED turn signals on the fork covers as well as the rear end lights that are integrated into the bike’s design. The result is a sleekly seamless look that adds to its enigmatic intrigue. Much of the bike was 3D printed including the aforementioned fork covers as well as the handlebar controls, headlight housing, and rear end. The rear wheel has a plastic cover that’s been reinforced with glass fiber for aerodynamics.