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USWE Hajker Winter Pack

USWE Launches The Hajker 30 Winter Pack

Boasting insulated shoulder straps with Themer Cell, a technology used to keep your drink tube from freezing in winter conditions.

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$ 200

From the Swedish leader in carry packs for active lifestyles comes the USWE Hajker Winter Pack. Marketed as a winter daypack, this backpack is capable of so much more. It is the epitome of practicality as a rolltop, compressible, and waterproof pack. Perfect for winter conditions – well, it would have to be, wouldn’t it, considering it is made in Sweden! — the Hajker Winter Pack is equally functional in all other seasons. It works as a city daypack for travelers due to a 4-point harness system called No Dancing Monkey (NDM), a patented suspension harness technology that securely wraps around the body like a hug, with no uncomfortable bouncing effect when walking.

The backpack’s shoulder straps are insulated, again for winter use, but this adds to the level of comfort when wearing this pack. Another great comfort feature is the adjustable back panel that moves up or down to accommodate ranges in sizes in individuals. Two water-resistant and zippered side pockets ensure easy access to essentials like ski passes, park passes, ID, money, and more. A “quick stash” pocket at the back is convenient for anything that needs to be quickly stowed without stopping. The USWE Hajker Winter Pack offers 30 liters of storage and weighs just over 2.5 pounds. A bonus feature is the detachable belt, which can be worn independently, like a hip pack for shorter excursions.

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