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Union x Air Jordan Capsule Collection

The vintage inspiration that you need in life.

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The Union x Air Jordan Capsule Collection is, in a word, iconic. But why use one word to capture those nostalgic feels as you flash back to the beloved 80s and 90s fashion that made the Jordan brand a living legend? So, in addition to iconic, and living legend, let’s just say that the Union x Air Jordan Capsule Collection is like walking into a flea market, being guided to a random stall, and discovering the vintage inspiration that you not only want but need in life.

The collection’s shoes feature exposed stitch marks, the Union LA label, and appear to be slightly distressed in that “finally broken-in” kind of way that we all loved as kids running around the neighborhood blocks. Unencumbered high quality fabrics and an elevated dedication to taste define the entire Union x Air Jordan Capsule Collection. Beginning on November 17th, the beloved sneakers, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and pants, will be available for the ultimate new-age-meets-vintage-haul jackpot.