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Troubadour Tech Cases

Innovative And Sustainable Troubadour Tech Cases For The Modern Traveler

These collapsible cases are designed to keep your tech essentials organized and in perfect condition.

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Troubadour, known for its wide-ranging and superbly crafted bags, has released its new Tech Cases.  The Troubadour Tech Cases are the ultimate solution for keeping your tech accessories organized, protected, and stylish while on the move. Troubadour’s innovative collapsible cases are crafted from a non-crease fabric that maintains a clean and professional appearance, even when compressed into your travel bag. Available in different sizes to suit your needs, these cases are designed to stand upright, whether they’re packed to the brim or empty.

The BUDDY CASE 2.0 is the compact companion you’ve been waiting for. This collapsible tech case opens flat, providing easy access to your cables, chargers, AirPods, batteries, SD cards, and AirTag. It features a zipped exterior pocket for quick access to your tech essentials, a secure pocket for valuables, elastic pockets for cable organization, and two stretch mesh pockets for larger items. The triple-layer non-slip grab handle ensures comfort and ease of use, making it your go-to compact tech case.

For those who need to pack more into a smaller space, the CABOODLE TECH CASE 2.0 is the perfect choice. This collapsible tech case offers easy organization for chargers, adaptors, cables, and spares, thanks to its multiple pockets, internal dividers, and two-way elasticated pockets. It opens wide for easy access and is designed to look clean and professional, whether on your desk or in your bag.

If you require maximum storage capacity, the RIG CASE 2.0 is the answer. This super-spacious collapsible tech case always stays upright and offers a 4-litre capacity. With a double-zipper opening, hidden magnets for easy opening and secure closing, and multiple pockets, it’s perfect for those who want their tech accessories within easy reach.

Not only are Troubadour Tech Cases innovative in design, but they also prioritize sustainability with waterproof vegan leather, recycled polyester, and metal zippers. Choose the tech case that suits your needs and elevate your organization and style while on the go. Prices start at $75, making these cases a practical and stylish investment.

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