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Troubadour Apex Mini & Apex Sling

Troubadour Apex Mini & Sling: Redefining Compact Convenience

Crafted with Troubadour’s signature attention to detail, both bags feature premium materials, sleek designs, and smart organization.

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Troubadour’s founders, Samuel and Abel, began manufacturing backpacks, messenger bags, and briefcases to blend ruggedness with a casual smartness characterized by clean lines. This approach to design is evident in the Troubadour Apex Mini collection, which combines a mini backpack and a sling pack that complements the brand’s previous Apex Backpack and Apex Compact Backpack 3.0.

With an eye on performance, versatility, and comfort, the Troubadour Apex Mini & Apex Sling collection delivers a compact carrying solution made from premium materials. Incorporating a lightweight vegan leather trim and FortiWeave fabric, the Apex Sling comes loaded with interior and exterior pockets catering to everything from wallets and passports to laptops with chargers and other accessories.

It features an ambidextrous, hands-free strap and design, is waterproof and tear-resistant to extend its longevity, and has a durable quick-release magnetic buckle and non-slip grip handle for a premium feel. Additional comfort comes thanks to the inclusion of a triple-layered and bonded grab handle and breathable back panel to prevent unwanted sweating on a hot commute.

The Troubadour Apex Mini replicates the quality materials and construction of the Sling, with the same attention to detail, flexibility of storage options, and consideration for comfort. The clean lines that characterize much of Troubadour’s products enhance the ergonomics of the Apex Mini for an overall slick and professional aesthetic.

With the manufacturer offering a five-year guarantee along with their commitment to environmentally sustainable materials, the Troubadour Apex Mini & Apex Sling collection has plenty to offer style-conscious consumers.

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