Tretorn X Nigel Cabourn Collection

The Tretorn x Nigel Cabourn Collection Will Stand The Test Of Time

Quality craftsmanship does more than result in a stylish jacket and rusksack, it also ensures each piece in this collection will last.

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$ 293+

Are you tired of your outdoor gear breaking down after just one or two seasons? It’s frustrating to take a piece out of the closet when the seasons finally change, only to toss a backpack over your shoulder and have the bottom rip out or put on a jacket you haven’t worn in months and suddenly you realize there’s a tear in the lining. When you’re wearing outdoor gear you need it to stand up to all kinds of conditions. With the Tretorn x Nigel Cabourn Collection, you’ll have fantastic looking outdoor clothing that will stand the test of time. 

The special collection includes a Sarek Whitestone and Olive rucksack and jacket. The two-tone design of each piece features leather pig noses as stoppers, rubberized buttons, plus fabric that is constructed from 100% organic cotton. Going for a 70s Scandinavian vintage design, you will have equipment constructed with the highest quality. The best way to keep your essential outdoor apparel in one piece, whether it is a rucksack or jacket, is to find apparel that is made with a standard of quality you can expect from Tretorn and Nigel Cabourn.