TravelScratcher Scratch-Off Travel Map

Commemorate your adventures with this scratch-off world map that hides vibrant colors underneath.

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Whether you are a member of the Travelers’ Century Club or have just begun to explore other countries, the TravelScratcher Scratch-Off Travel Map is the perfect way to commemorate your adventures. This 24” x 36” wall map will put your travels on display as you scratch off the gold foil layer. Made from the highest quality materials, the TravelScratcher map looks at home in any type of frame and in any room of the house.

Coins from Greece? A pound from the U.K.? No matter what coin you use, when you scratch away the gold foil you will discover that each country has been given a vibrant color. Some might say that the colors will only pale in comparison to the stories from each of your visits to foreign lands. No matter whether you travel for work or to explore new cultures, the TravelScratcher world map is sure to liven up any room in your home. All you need to do is wrack up those frequent flier miles so that you can turn your map from a brilliant gold display into the vibrant and colorful world that it represents.