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Trakke x Yardworks Artist Editions: Where Urban Art Meets Portable Masterpieces

Trakke collaborated with graffiti artists, signwriters, illustrators, and painters, for this collection of limited-edition bags.

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Trakke, the renowned outdoor gear brand, has joined forces with Yardworks, a festival celebrating urban art, to create an extraordinary collection of limited-edition bags. This groundbreaking collaboration brings together graffiti artists, signwriters, illustrators, and painters to produce 10 exclusive ‘Artist Edition’ bags that redefine the concept of portable art.

The process began with each artist crafting a bespoke mural, designed exclusively for Trakke. The team of expert craftsmen at Trakke then skillfully remixed and transformed these artworks into truly one-of-a-kind bags, ensuring that each piece is completely unique and highly coveted.

The Trakke x Yardworks Artist Editions showcase the talents of urban artists who participated in the Yardworks Festival held in Glasgow. These remarkable collaborations resulted in mesmerizing custom murals measuring 1.5m x 1.5m on Trakke’s signature waxed canvas.

Now, for a limited time, art enthusiasts and gear aficionados alike have the opportunity to own an extraordinary work of portable art. Each bag is a standout masterpiece, bearing the distinct style and creativity of the contributing artist. The Artist Edition Bags will be available for purchase on May 25th on Trakke’s website, starting at 5 PM BST. Among the stunning lineup is the ‘KMG’ Artist Edition Canna Backpack, priced at $397.00, and the ‘Tragic Ohara’ Artist Edition Bannoch Backpack, priced at $713.00.

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