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Torch Coat Heater

Don’t let arctic weather keep you indoors. This universal coat heater will keep you warm this winter.

A dependable coat is a winter essential for people living in areas with harsh winters, but no matter how many layers you might have on, sometimes it’s just not enough to escape from the chill. Understandably so, as you’re merely retaining your body heat rather than warming up with heat generated from an outside source. With some parts of the country being hit with polar vortex and arctic conditions, the only solution to stay warm seems like a portable heater that you can have inside your coat.

Thankfully, the Torch Coat Heater is a device that lets you do exactly that. The battery operated heater can provide up to five hours of heat and has four heat setting to keep you perfectly comfortable, no matter how cold it gets outside. It’s universal design allows you to use it with any jacket or coat and is designed to fit seamlessly inside without ruining your style.