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TickrMeter: Watch Your Portfolio Grow On Your Desk

An e-paper based stock ticker for your home and office.

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$ 92+

People who want to keep close tabs on the value of their stocks may benefit from the TickrMeter, a desktop stock ticker currently under development. TickrMeter uses an e-paper display (most commonly seen in glare-free e-book readers) to show the current value of stocks as well as forex pairs, and cryptocurrency. Data comes from financial markets in the U.S. and Europe. The device has a small light displaying in green or red whenever a ticket is going up or down in price. Users can have the TickrMeter cycle over multiple stocks of their choosing, by using an associated mobile app to configure a playlist. Additionally, users can set a comparison timeframe so they can see the change in a day, week, month, or year.

If one is keen on using alerts whenever their assets hit a target price, they can also configure this in the TickrMeter app. The device will transmit an alert when it happens so users know it is time to buy the dip or trim their profit. Ideally, users will want to have multiple TickrMeters, since they are easily stackable and chainable, with their built-in magnets. The TickrMeter project is in development in Denmark right now and has reached its funding goal multiple times over. Available for purchase individually or in packs of up to 10 units via its Indiegogo crowdfunding page, the TickrMeter will be shipped in November 2021.