Monocle Guide to Building Better Cities

‘The Monocle Guide to Building Better Cities’

How to make cities better for everyone.

Over the rollicking course of the past decade or so, Monocle has made definitive statements in fields that range from business and public affairs to arts and culture. Its latest volume tackles the field of city planning, both asking and answering important questions such as “how do we make cities better for all their inhabitants?” and “how do we transport those inhabitants from quality homes to great workplaces while offering ample community amenities and recreational opportunities?”

By taking a broad view of the very best of cities, The Monocle Guide to Building Better Cities can show you the true value of an urban swimming pool or rooftop club while detailing what it takes to transform a dirty river into an exceptional civic asset. Although any city planner will inevitably find something to admire in this book, it speaks directly to anyone who cares about or lives in a city.