World-Renowned Sommelier Enrico Bernardo Releases 'The Impossible Collection of Champagne' - IMBOLDN
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'The Impossible Collection of Champagne' by Enrico Bernardo

World-Renowned Sommelier Enrico Bernardo Releases ‘The Impossible Collection of Champagne’

An illustrated account of the world’s most exclusive champagnes.

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Champagne has been a symbol of prestige since the 1900s. But few people who imbibe the “devil’s wine” know as much about champagne as Enrico Bernardo, author of ‘The Impossible Collection of Champagne‘. Bernardo held the throne in 2004 as the Best Sommelier in the World and owned numerous Michelin-starred restaurants. His specialty is pairing dishes with ideal wines. He authored seven books, one of which is ‘The Impossible Collection of Champagne’.

This book for champagne enthusiasts, history buffs, and the generally interested offers what Bernardo believes is the most exclusive collection of champagne in the world. The champagnes included span from recent releases to those roughly 300 years old. Bernardo keeps readers on their toes and enthralled with unique anecdotes, little-known tips, and stories of personal experiences.

Named ‘The Impossible Collection of Champagne’, the book includes wines that surely will never be in the same cellar at the same time. Similar to how many of the world’s top champagnes arrive at a cellar, ‘The Impossible Collection of Champagne’ comes in a wooden clamshell box. It is accompanied by a signature canvas tote and white gloves when purchased on publisher Assouline’s website.

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