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The CXC Simulations Motion Pro II

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There was a time when kids would hang out at the arcade, playing video games that have now become a fundamental part of retro nostalgia. We’ve all had that moment; leaving behind the colorful lights of the arcade only to find our bedrooms utterly lacking in entertainment, wondering what it would be like to have one of those fantastic machines at home all for ourselves.

For those who were into cars even at a young age, the force was strong with the racing games that had dedicated seats, steering wheels, and pedals to mimic that of a real automobile. Games like Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, and others have found their way into our living room consoles and we also have dedicated steering wheels that could be attached to the PS4 or XBOX One, but we still long for that realistic experience behind the wheel.

This may be why the L.A.-based CXC Simulations have introduced the Motion Pro II. It’s hardware is robust and powerful enough for professional drivers to practice on but can be used at home as well. Focusing on motions and changes in G-force during their development, the Motion Pro II can mimic real world situations that other simulators could only have dreamt of, allowing you to play on your favorite circuit with the utmost realism. CXC Simulations must be incredibly proud of their achievements as they have boasted that Mercedes-Benz F1’s Luis Hamilton, Ferrari F1’s Stefan Johansson, Porsche Factory Team’s Patrick Long, and IndyCar’s Graham Rahall have all used their system for training or testing purposes.