'The Alps: High Mountains in Motion' Highlights The Startling Beauty Of The European Mountain Range - IMBOLDN
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'The Alps: High Mountains in Motion' by Lorenz Andreas Fischer

‘The Alps: High Mountains in Motion’ Highlights The Startling Beauty Of The European Mountain Range

Photographer Lorenz Andreas Fischer captures the majestic and ever-changing beauty of the Alps in his new book.

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Stretching across eight Alpine countries, the Alps is the highest and most extensive mountain range system in Europe. The majestic views and constantly shifting nature of the Alps offers breathtaking new landscapes, shapes, and colors. Having traveled to the Alps throughout the years, photographer Lorenz Andreas Fischer shares his insights and visual splendor of the ever changing mountain range through his new photography book, The Alps: High Mountains in Motion.

A reminder of how climate change is disrupting the beauty and natural cycles of the ecosystem, Fischer’s book captures what we may never be able to pass onto future generations with his vivid photography. Unable to merely distinguish between different seasons and from day and night, the subtle shifts in the landscape and dynamic nature of the Alps captured by Fischer may be the perfect getaway for us stuck at home during these tough times.