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Tectum. Summer Pavilion by Raul Garcia Studio

The Tectum. Summer Pavilion is a testament to the architectural balance that can be achieved between large slabs, varying textures, and natural elements.

The Tectum. Summer Pavilion, created by Raul Garcia Studio, redefines an open pavilion with the duality of a summer house. It is built as an extension to the garden and is a completely permeable construction. The open space offers protection from the elements, while simultaneously inviting direct interaction with the summer months via unobstructed views. Bold lines, hidden doors, and a mixture of solid colors creates the depth that the space needs to architecturally succeed in its purpose.

The Tectum. Summer Pavilion has a marked identity that is highlighted via a gravity defining deck slab that is directly linked to the pool, shows no visible supports, and appears to be “floating.” The open kitchen features the quintessential barbecue area and a traditional oven framed in the classic brick pattern that is both functional and visually appealing. Dressing rooms, a large arbor, and toilet area bring the basic necessities that are required for summer garden or poolside enjoyment. Hidden perimeter lighting highlights the contradictory lightness of such a large slab, while the Corten Steel lagging contributes to the pavilion’s modern look, which effectively compliments the main house while simultaneously retaining its own identity.