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TCCT eClassic

The TCCT eClassic Brings The Vintage Motoring Experience To Your Living Room

This racing simulator was designed by Pininfarina and Zagato to simulate the driving experiences of the cars they built.

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We’ve seen racing simulators shaped like F1 cars, Aston Martins, or full-size cars converted into stationary simulators. However, what about those among us who prefer the smell of aged leather with a hint of oil? What about a racing simulator for classic motor enthusiasts? TCCT has the answer. This simulator is called the eClassic. It looks like someone chopped-up a vintage Morgan roadster and placed a television screen where the windshield used to be. This driving simulator stands out from the rest because it looks like a high-end vintage sports car. And it should look like one, considering Pininfarina and Zagato designed it.

TCCT worked with Racing Unleashed to create the software used in the eClassic to deliver the most advanced driving simulation possible. This is the same software often used for training purposes by racing drivers. Pininfarina and Zagato worked with TCCT to design and build the physical environment where the driver sits. The goal of the TCCT eClassic is to allow users to drive the most desirable, expensive, rare classic cars in history in an immersive experience without needing to pay millions at an auction house. The simulator’s leather-wrapped interior features a vintage styled steering wheel, pedals, and gear shifter. The simulator uses a hydraulic system to create the sensation of motion and a trio of monitors to surround the user in an immersive virtual driving experience. TCCT created an app specifically for the eClassic to connect to a digital community offering championship races and training programs. The price of the TCCT eClassic has not been released but it will be available for order in 2021.