Taylor Stitch Mendocino Peacoat

Taylor Stitch Mendocino Peacoat

Each detail reflects the expert tailoring put into every peacoat, from calf-leather reinforcements to the sleek lining of its sleeves.

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$ 798

Few styles can stand the test of time as well as the peacoat has. Its archetypal design has been appealing to the eye in any era.  Improving that look is a challenge somewhat akin to re-inventing the wheel. Despite that difficulty, the Taylor Stitch Mendocino Peacoat finds a way to go above and beyond. The classic, hip-length cut of this peacoat is made from 24 oz. of British-milled wool. The material at the core of the coat is sourced exclusively from Abraham Moon Works, an outfit that has operated since 1837. The preciousness of that artisan wool limits this latest release from Taylor Stitch to just 100 coats.
The tailoring around that wool is every bit as refined. Taylor Stitch uses calf-leather reinforcements on the wrist cuffs, neck, and pockets to make each and every bit as sturdy as the dark horn buttons which clasp the coat shut. Its interior is fortified by a soft 7 oz. 100% cotton lining. Further attention to detail is added to sleeves that are lined with a 50/50 blend of acetate and viscose that makes sliding into and out of the peacoat a breeze so you won’t feel weighed down. 100% polyester is used between the artisan wool and pure cotton lining for warmth that can withstand any weather.