SurfEars 3.0 Earplugs

SurfEars 3.0 Earplugs

These water-tight earplugs provide comfortable ear protection for open water athletes yet allow sound to pass through unimpeded.

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$ 60

Any serious wave rider can tell you that surfer’s ear is no joke. A condition that affects surfers, sailers, divers, jet skiers, and all manner of open water athletes, surfer’s ear is defined by boney ear canal growths that trap moisture/debris and ultimately lead to dangerous infection. Although the only effective treatment for the condition is surgery, surfer’s ear is generally easy to prevent if you’re willing to wear a pair of earplugs.

That’s what the SurfEars 3.0 Earplugs are for. Knowing that people simply won’t wear ear protection on the water if it isn’t comfortable and easy to use, SurfEars has worked to perfect its water-tight earplugs over three iterations.

With three sizes of soft sealing gels, SurfEars 3.0 not only fit your ear canal comfortably but allow sound to pass through unimpeded, keeping you aurally aware of all that goes on around you. These incredibly compact earplugs come with a convenient carrying case and an adjustable leash to ensure that they are secure and close at hand.